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Terms And Conditions

Guarantee For Supply Of Services


From: Mr Malik Yan (the “Guarantor”) of

Reputation Control, a brand of Reputation Control Ltd.


The Supplier has agreed to supply clients (the “Principal”) with services for his business as Online Reputation ("Services”) carried on by him at 5, North End Road, London NW11 7RJ.


1. Principal’s Obligations

The Principal will observe and perform all obligations and conditions agreed on the part of the Principal between the parties under this or any other agreement. In the event of default by the Principal the Guarantor shall itself observe and perform all such agreements and conditions.

2. Guarantor’s Obligations

The Guarantor will guarantee and be answerable to the Supplier for the payment by the Principal for all Supply of Services that the Supplier may supply to the Principal from time to time;

2.1 Notwithstanding that the Guarantor may not have notice of any failure on the part of the Principal to meet his obligations to the Supplier; but

2.2 So that the liability of the Guarantor under this agreement shall not exceed the total sum of £500.

3. Liability

3.1 The Guarantor accepts that liability shall not be affected by any extension of time or other forbearance granted to the Principal, or by the release or modification of any security or the release of any guarantor, whether or not notice shall be given to the Guarantor, or by the neglect or failure of the Supplier to take any action with respect to any security, right or obligation endorsement or guarantee which it may at any time hold,  or by any change by the Principal in the former manner of doing business, whether by incorporation, merger, partnership, formation or otherwise.

3.2 The Supplier may at any time at his discretion and without notice to the Guarantor refuse further credit or supplies to the Principal without discharging or impairing the liability of the Guarantor under this guarantee.

3.3 Any change by the Supplier in his manner of doing business, whether by incorporation, merger, partnership, formation or otherwise will not discharge the Guarantor’s liability under this guarantee notwithstanding Section 18 of the Partnership Act 1890.

3.4 The Guarantor agrees that this guarantee shall not be revoked by his death, and in any case not unless and until a notice of revocation is served upon the Supplier in accordance with Clause 5 below.

4. Principal’s  Bankruptcy or Liquidation

The Guarantor undertakes that in the event of the Principal becoming bankrupt or entering into liquidation, whether compulsorily or voluntarily, and the trustee in such bankruptcy or liquidator disclaiming this Agreement or in the event of the Principal being dissolved or ceasing to exist or in the event of the failure for any reason of the Principal  being in breach of any such agreements, stipulations and conditions contained herein, that it shall not affect or determine the liability of the Guarantor. All money will be refunded for a removal which has not been deemed successful by Reputation Control in two weeks of the order being placed.

5. Termination

The Guarantor, his duly authorised agent or, in the event of his death, his personal representative(s) shall be entitled at any time to revoke this guarantee by notice in writing. This guarantee shall be deemed terminated 1 month (“Notice Period”) after the receipt by the Supplier of the notice of revocation. This guarantee shall cease with respect to all liabilities incurred and dealings and transactions entered into after the Notice Period but shall continue to have effect for all liabilities incurred and dealings and transactions entered into prior to the expiration of the Notice Period.

6. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

6.1 English law applies to the whole of this Agreement.

6.2 The parties agree to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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